Start with your body and emotions

Want to change?

Need to Change?

Realize your body is your vessel for your mind. When you change your body you can change your mind.   When you change your mind you can change how feel about your emotions.

Your body.

 You can’t be active and depressed at the same time… it just doesn’t work.  – Ken Bruer, Quest Foundation

Emotions are stored in the body.

Your mind (thinking aspect of you) decides what to think about those emotions.  To get to the root of what you want to change you have to be aware of the emotions circulating in your body.  This may be a strange idea at first but it is simple.  Ask yourself, where do you feel being nervous? Scared? Excited?

Do you feel these in your brain?

Your body informs your brain of what it is experiencing, your mind then develops an idea of how you feel.  And if you want to feel different you change your mind.

Can I tell you that your body will change the way it reacts in certain situations. Maybe, gradually. Can I tell you that your body can change the emotions associated with different memories. Maybe.

The first level of thinking is to change  your body.  To change your body change its inputs.  The food you eat and the environment its in.